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Modern Technical Soft Goods and Leather Accessories that are as diverse as the people who use them. 


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Winter Sneaker Selections

Justin Pyle

With the winter coming in soon, keeping your feet warm is necessary. A trend that was once a subculture has now become a mainstream fashion for both men and women. JBird Co. Design House is a brand where our customers are able to mix street wear and luxurious upscale clothing to create their own style aesthetic. 

These are the few trends working in sneaker fashion. The suede for soft hands as you wear the warmth into them. The knits, herringbone and tweed types of sneakers create a texture that brings a simple outfit of leather jackets and white v-necks excitement. Don't forget to grab a pair of sneakers that defines your style. Whether it be a top coat, turtleneck, or trench coat, you will always find the right color and texture pair of sneakers.