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420 Southeast 6th Avenue
Portland, OR, 97214

Modern Technical Soft Goods and Leather Accessories that are as diverse as the people who use them. 


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Justin Pyle

Whoever you are, wherever you come from, and wherever you live, you can be what you aspire to be, whatever was your destiny.
— Drole de Monsieur

The mix of fluidity + refined. Menswear has risen massively throughout the years with the help of upcoming contemporary designers. As the world becomes smaller, the ideas are collected to form our modern aesthetic of luxury and street wear aesthetic of youth. Designers are looking to architecture for structure, craftsman for quality, and monochromatic scales for color. These are the things that have inspired us to do exactly what we do with carry goods and leather accessories. 

Today, designers from Drole de Monsieur and Chris Stamp (Stampd) have inspired us in their 2015 Collections. These two designers combined, create the modern and minimalist approach with contemporary luxurious street wear that we have created in our bags and accessories.